Halloween costumes ideas for adults

Are you looking for the right Halloween costumes for adults to enable you and your friends to rock that look you’ve always wanted? Well, there are numerous Halloween costumes out there for you to choose from. However, due to the great number of choices, picking the right one for you can be such a hassle.

Here are some of the choices that can be perfect adult costumes for you:

1. Blood Count

The Blood Count Halloween costume is great because it enables you as a man to transform into a dark lord. It’s made of a furiously flowing long dark cape. It’s also lined with black satin. When you get it, you’re also given a vest patterned in black flock and purple. To the vest is a gothic-style shirt attached. 

2. Bare Bones

The Bare Bones adult costume makes a lady have a scary yet simple look which is perfect for Halloween. It has the full details of the body bones printed on it which includes the pelvic bones too. All are printed on the front side so that they can be as terrifying as possible. 

3. Adult Alluring Butterfly Mask

For a great way to stand out in the crowd this Halloween, use the Alluring Butterfly Mask. The wings on this mask are sparkling with glitter. To make it even more beautiful, there are detailing of sequin and feather. What makes it stand out as one of the costumes for adults is the centre colour-coordinated gem.

4. Bloody Unisex Scrubs

This doctor’s outfit for Halloween is the perfect choice for both gruesome gals and guys. It has a simple design but that only makes it a great way to make one stand out. The trousers are pale-green in colour and have a waistband that’s flexible and elastic to provide extra comfort. The v-neck shirt provides the costume with a roomy feeling. To make it truly terrifying, the blood spatter has been designed on it in a clever way. 

5. Clown Party Suit

This terrifying suit is made from spandex that’s breathable in striped yellow and red design. Fake blood has been splattered to stain it to make it have a creepy twist. On the head section, an evil face of the clown has been printed to make it even scarier. It is designed to cover a person from head to toe but has a double zipper to allow for easy access. 

6. Cops and Robbers Costume

This costume allows guys to dress and play a game of robbers and cops. It’s suitable for groups, singles as well as couples. You can form squads that will be made of both a bad and good cop. You can add up an intimidating button and handcuffs to get people to respect your authority as a cop. Alternatively, you could go as a stealthy burglar who steals from others. Never forget to wear a black beanie to avoid recognition by anyone. 

7. Captain America Women’s Costume

This costume for women is designed to have the look of Captain America’s outfit in the movies. The only difference is that it’s made to be fitting for women. It’s a full body jumpsuit and has padding so that it can look armoured. There are other details printed on it to make it appear just like the Cap’s suit.

8. Men’s Riddler Costume

This costume offers an opportunity for you to be the antagonist for Batman. The adult costumes come with a classic jacket that’s green in colour and printed all over it are question marks. The pants that match it are fitting with an around-the-waist band for continuing the iconic look.

Matt Bowler

By Matt Bowler

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