Get Your Mask On This Halloween.

Get Your Mask On This Halloween.

For added impact, a Halloween mask is an absolute must.  Here at Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress in Old Wolverton, we have a some of the most revolting masks manufactured, which will be sure to traumatize and amuse in equal measure.

For a waft of rotting flesh, go for the Decaying and Zombie Mask which will instantly repulse.  For that apocalyptic vibe the Zombie Gas Mask, Apocalypse and Bio-hazard masks are perfect.

If howling at the moon is more of your thing, the Werewolf Half Mask and Latex Mask will transform you into that rabid predator.  Add Werewolf Gloves for full possession.

Skeletons will be out in full force this Samhain; reach for the Skull Pirate, 3D, or Horror to perfect that look.  If you want more glamour, the Day of the Dead and Venetian skull Mask are sophisticated yet spooky.  For a bit of Voodoo magic, the Witch Doctor Mask for him and Fashion Mask will impress.

For a twisted Disney look try the Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy or Sneezy masks with a little blood and a weapon for some added chill.  But to truly terrify this Halloween, the ScaryClown and Scar Face Mask, will have people leaving their night light on for weeks.

Come down to Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress in Old Wolverton for inspiration or look online and order direct. 

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