Stick ‘em up! Check out our hot line of cops and robbers’ costumes.

Stick ‘em up!  Check out our hot line of cops and robbers’ costumes.

Here at Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress in Old Wolverton Milton Keynes we have some smokin’ outfits for that Cops and Robbers themed party.

The lads will be lining up to be cuffed by Officer Rita Dem Rights; this outfit can’t fail to impress with short dress, matching hat, gloves and belt; ideal for holding your taser.  Or assign yourself to Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) as Armed &Dangerous; consisting of a sexy black jumpsuit with sheer panel sides to show a hint of skin, SWAT cap, snap on belt with attached gun holster.  If you’ve joined special forces FBI Flirt would be the perfect outfit for cracking crime and if you want to hunt your prey incognito our Liquid Black Catsuit would be ideal.  If there’s a pyromaniac at the party, you’ll need to call Fired Up; smoking hot, she’s a professional when it comes to handling flames.  Shakedown Sheriff is sexy and loves to lay down the law in her short black dress with necktie, hat and glovettes.

For the guys, keep the ladies in line with On Patrol which will transform you into a bad-ass LA Cop.  Show off your muscles with Under Arrest; a Chippendale version of the cop costume which will have the ladies fighting to be taken into custody.  If it’s a British bobby you fancy, call 999 to dial up the Policeman and for hats look no further than SWAT and deluxe Cop Hats to excite.

For those on the wrong side of the law opt for his and hers Jailbird and Jailbird Convict costumes.  Sexy Guilty As Charged is a real head-turner; with striped dress, stockings, hat and arm warmers.  For repeat offenders Orange Inmate is ideal and the Neck and Arm Shackles will prevent any attempted escapes.  if it’s a stag outfit with a cop twist, Sergeant Stop and Search would raise some laughs.

Come down to Crazy Wizard in Old Wolverton or check out our outfits online at

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