Fancy Dress Festivities with The MK Dons

Fancy Dress Festivities with The MK Dons

Back in December we were visited by the MK Dons ready for their fancy dress themed Christmas party where they all took a group visit to pick out their outfits, props and accessories. As one of the sponsors of the MK Dons Striker, Kieran Agard, and one of the largest fancy dress suppliers in Milton Keynes, we were the obvious choice for the team and we were so glad they had such a hoot when popping down to our store.


The lads had a blast trying on some of our crazy costumes, and some even brought along family members to join in the fun.


From Stormtroopers and Jedis, to Gorillas and Zombies, the Milton Keynes footballers found their favourites, snapping a few funny pics as they went which you can view below.


Our main guy Kieran Agard himself went for the full storm trooper get up – a popular choice at the moment with the release of the new Star Wars film – complete with costume mask.

Matt Bowler

By Matt Bowler

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