Hilarious Group Fancy Dress Ideas to Make Your Night Truly Epic

Hilarious Group Fancy Dress Ideas to Make Your Night Truly Epic

 Going out for a party and wondering what to wear? Are you tired of the typical cliché costumes that everyone seems to be wearing these days? Do you and your friends want to make a special night the next level of fun by theming the event? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got everything you need and some awesome ideas to make your night truly epic.

Group fancy dress costumes are the way to go if all of the above appeal to you! Let your imagination  run wild as you look through our diverse range of selections. We will definitely have something which fits in perfectly with your group’s tastes.

Become the life of the party with our creative, amusing outfits, and take the spotlight as you all don group costumes and look amazing!

So let’s get started with some awesome ideas to give you inspiration for your event.

Couples costumes, bro buds and dame duos

For groups that come in pairs, be that couples, bromances or lady loves, our couple’s costumes offer some hilarious theme ideas that won’t have been thought of before. Have all the girls go in one thing and guys in another, buddy up so that you and your partner can wear attire that matches the other or simply split the team down the middle and flip for your fancy dress outfit!

The Best Sandwich Fillers

A popular ensemble is the breakfast buddies one, where one of you dresses in a bacon costume and the other goes as an egg. Your team will certainly be sizzling with the help of these tasty sandwich fillers! 

A Pack of Pirates

A fabulously popular group costume theme, pirate fancy dress will certainly get a l-ARRR-rf. Go for the full get up or simply don an eyepatch and buccaneers hat for a fun and simple outfit. Get your motley crew to slosh on a bit of white face paint and fake blood for a ghostly, deathly Halloween version too!

Honey, Where’s My Super Suit?

A great option for both individuals and groups to make your party truly epic - irrespective of gender - is wearing superhero costumes. Be it Captain America, Super Girl, The Hulk, or Catwoman, you have a wide range of apparel to choose from, as you get ready to pack a punch at the party!

‘Ello There Coppers

Apart from superheroes, you can opt to dress up as a variety of their options, including adorable (or sexy) police officers – whichever way you want to take this theme! Grab your handcuffs, copper cap and batons and hit the town to stir up trouble rather than police it!

Go Gothic

Whether it’s Halloween or not, going over-the-top gothic is always good fun. Think lots of dark makeup, angsty teenage throwbacks and leather. You can even go whole hog with some vampire costumes or creepy monster sidekicks to complete the team look.

Full body suits

For the ladies this could mean a band of sexy Cat-women for a hot hen night, whilst the guys can opt to be a team of men in morph suits – or vice versa! The lads might struggle to fit into the fitted catcuits though…

Would You Like Any Sauce with That?

You can even dress up as bottles of condiments, such as ketchup or mustard… who’d have even thought it…

Circus Clownery  

Our final suggestion for you today is the circus theme for your group! Gather your long balloons and go as a team of clowns (which we know you are anyway) or as a mix from the circus: an elephant, acrobats, clowns, fleas from the flea circus, a bearded lady? The hilarious options never end!  

Your costumes can be of any kind, be it humorous, attractive, or even both – so get creative and most importantly, enjoy your night and enjoy dressing up!

So what are you waiting for? Select your costumes, be it for an individual, couple, or a group and get dressed! The party awaits your presence!

Matt Bowler

By Matt Bowler

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