Gangstas and Molls

Gangstas and Molls

Gangsters and Molls

Here at Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress in Old Wolverton, we have everything you need to re-create the roaring 20’s gangsta vibe.   Our selection of costumes will have you looking as though you’ve come straight from the set of Scarface or The Godfather.

For him we have the roaring 20’s gangster jacket, vest and tie, which nails the sharp suited look of the time.  Couple this with a black fedora and braces and you’ll be giving Al Capone a run for his money.  The Godfather would never have left home without his spats; which were worn to keep shoes clean; essential whilst robbing gas stations and boot-legging alcohol. Luckily at Crazy Wizard we cater for all gangster accessories and your spats can be bought in store or online!

Famous gangsters of the 20’s weren’t just men; lovebirds Bonnie and Clyde were America’s most notorious couple and became public enemy number one due to their robbing and murdering.  To become Bonnie, we have the Lady Gangster costume and very sexy Dressed To Kill, which nail the lady gangster look with a modern twist.  Just add the Roxie Wig and you’ll be a ringer for America’s most notorious female villain.

If you’re holding up drug stores, carrying a pistol or sub-machine gun is a must.  But keeping it hidden from the eyes of the law is also essential.  At Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress we have gangster gun holsters to keep your mauser tucked away and safe, but hurry whilst stocks last!

If you’re having a party and need inspiration, come and see us in store in Old Wolveron Milton Keynes, or look online for lots of exciting ideas.

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