MKFM visit Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress

MKFM visit Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress

The MKFM crew popped into Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress for a little bit of retail therapy and to try on an array of the latest costumes.

Owner Matt Bowler was ready at the helm in a dashing Sea Captain’s uniform, ready to give the MKFM crew a grand tour around the shop.  Lia and Jo announced they were on a mission to find Greg some funky outfits that he could wear when not doing the drivetime show.   As Greg tried on several outfits in the changing room, Jo made a beeline for the inflatable Tweedle-Dee costume, which looked hilarious…meanwhile, Matt and Lia went for a couple’s costume and dressed as him and her first nation native Americans. 

Greg eventually emerged from the changing room dressed as a scary schoolgirl with blonde wig, tartan skirt and corset! He then thought better of it and took up Matt’s offer to try on an adult Spiderman costume which he absolutely loved.  Greg then proceeded to walk up the walls and ceilings and wasn’t seen again for a good hour. 

After a much-needed cuppa, Lia got a bit serious and decided to dress up as a strict headmistress with mortar board and cape, but then had a change of heart and appeared in bright orange inmates overalls from the cops and robber’s range.  Matt was at the ready to play bad cop with a cap and some cuffs and Greg lightened the mood by dressing as a giant poo.

Jo then channelled Ginger Spice with a Union Jack dress, which was also a nod to the Brexit fiasco and Matt took charge of the circus dressed as a ringmaster in jacket and sequined top hat.  Another quick outfit change saw Jo as The Mad Hatter and Lia as a muscular lady wrestler.   Another couple’s costume was the bacon and egg, showcased by Lia and Greg.  Last outfit of the day was Greg’s Scooby Doo to Jo’s Daphne, which was a fitting end to the mystery tour at Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress.

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