For Kids Halloween Costumes Look No Further Than Crazy Wizard Fancy dress

For Kids Halloween Costumes Look No Further Than Crazy Wizard Fancy dress

At Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress in Old Wolverton we know that Halloween is an event that no one looks forward to more than your kids.   Dressing up and trick or treating is the highlight of the winter months and choosing the perfect outfit is part of the fun.

For the girls (age 4-10) we have bat, cat and spider inspired outfits to choose from; Bat to the Bone a cute black and pink tutu with detachable bat wings will delight, as will Cheshire Cat, the Sequin Cat Mask, or Glitter Cat Set, whilst Spiderella and Witch of the Webs are stylish and sweet.  Add some face paint and a broom and your little girl will be flying.

For something a little different Circus Sweetie, Gothic Princess Child, Zombie Dress or Royal Vampira will impress. And for accessories look no further; straw, tinsel or deluxe brooms are available as are a selection of witch hats in spider, plush spider, tinsel hat, gold or purple trim design, planets bats and spiders.  And there are orange or black and white striped tights and witch shoe covers for those finishing touches.  Don’t’ forget your face paints; we have a huge selection; zombie, gothic, horror and more.

For the boys (and girls) we have some truly eerie outfits; Dark Templar, Ghost, Screaming Ghost, Skeleton and Grim Reaper will get people running in the opposite direction.  And if you want to hide your real identity, the Headless Horseman and Mesh Face Robe are perfect.   For something a bit different choose the Alien, Wicked Jester or Scary Scarecrow.  Kids love pranks and these knife headbands will raise some laughs; chopknife and knife through the head for older kids, plus an assortment of blood-stained weapons, scythes and knuckle dusters to make their outfit as authentic as possible.  Don’t forget your fake blood, we have plenty whether it is in capsule, spray or tube.

 Come down to Crazy Wizard in Old Wolverton to check out our fabulous collection of kids halloween costumes!

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