Make it a Crazy Wizard Halloween – Tales from the Crypt, Part 1.

Make it a Crazy Wizard Halloween – Tales from the Crypt, Part 1.

It’s nearing that time of year again when tradition has it we celebrate the dead and ward off evil spirits.   At one time large fires were burned to scare malevolent spirits away, but here at Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress in Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, we prefer to dress up as evil spirits and party the night away.

If you’re feeling in the mood for a little voodoo our Witch Doctor outfit would be perfect.  Bang on trend, these costumes are menacing and edgy with one for him as well as her.  In fact, you can conjure up some black magic together with these accessories; such as the belt and pouch, fingerless gloves, the staff and head-dress which are all decorated with skulls and feathers.

Or if you’re wanting to add a bit of Latino spice to your Halloween, then go for the sugar skull look, popular in Mexico and a great way to celebrate those who are no longer with us.   We have a Day of the Dead Senor and Day of the Dead Senorita for that glamorous couple and accessories such as masks,headbands and tattoos.

But if you’re feeling particularly sinister look no further than the creepiest of costumes – The Freakshow Clown, Evil Clown and truly gruesome Clown Partysuit which are a horrible twist on the traditional clown costume, as these are all splattered with blood.  And if you’re going for this look, don’t forget your machete and blood splattered hammer!

Other fright night costumes include; Crypt Keeper, Dapper Death and Soul Taker, which will have people looking under the bed and leaving lights on for weeks.  Should you need an instrument of death; the double-bladed axe or sythe would be ideal!   

As well as soul takers and demons we have the living dead; go as the zombie couple; Drop Dead Gorgeous Zombie and Zombie Catch or for laughs we have the Rida Zombie and Chimp Zombie. Crazy Wizard has many zombie costumes to choose from and loads of accessories; zombie contact lenses, wigs, masks, sleeves, cape and tiara.

If you’re going to celebrate Halloween this October 31st, make sure you do it Crazy Wizard style – come and see us in Old Wolverton for inspiration or look online, as we have one of the widest collections of Halloween fancy dress costumes in Milton Keynes.

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