Flap the Night Away with Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress

Flap the Night Away with Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress

If you’re putting on the Ritz and need a little 20’s glamour, come and see us at Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress in Old Wolverton, where we have a fabulous array of authentic flapper dresses which are oh so sexy and will have you looking as though you’ve stepped from the set of Leonardo Di Caprio’s The Great Gatsby.

Keep it sophisticated with our Flapper Costume, which consists of a black dress with shoestring shoulder straps and fringing, which will swing elegantly as you do the Charleston.  Pair it with a sequined headband, gloves and a long crystal necklace and you’ll be a ringer for Downton Abbey’s Lady Crawley.

It was called the roaring 20’s for a reason and our RedFlapper or Flapper Charleston are testament to the era’s flamboyancy.  A flashing sequined dress with a bright red feather boa and headband won’t fail to get you noticed.   And If you’re feeling flirty, the Champagne Flapper is a must; just add long gloves and hair jewellery and you’ll be ready fox trot across that dance floor.

As hemlines shortened so did the hair, so don’t forget your bobbed wig in brown, pink, blue or purple!  Add a garter, headband or pearls for extra dash and a pair of feather false eyelashes and you’ll get that silent screen siren Clara Bow effect. 

For ladies who want to be seen, the Rainbow Flapper dress is ideal, with tiers of colour in a fringed cut with a matching headband; all eyes will be on you.  Accessorise with fishnettights and you’ll be ready to dance the Peabody or Salsa.  For ladies with fuller figures our CurvesFlapper Costume in black will be a hit; loose fitting and elegant, it won’t fail to show off your figure as you sip your champagne and waltz across the dancefloor.


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