The Pirates of Penzance Opera (by Mike Leigh) - Pirate Fancy Dress from 9th May

The Pirates of Penzance Opera (by Mike Leigh) - Pirate Fancy Dress from 9th May

Hands up who didn’t go to at least one pirate party when they were little? We’re of the opinion that pirate fancy dress is one of the best themes you could possibly throw out there. Great fun for swashbuckling kids of all ages but just as much fun for grown-ups. There’s just something about those frilly shirts, tattered waistcoats and headscarves that unleash the debauchee in us. The lashings of rum probably helps, too… And a pirate fancy dress party would be a topical – even cultural - party theme right now, since comic opera the Pirates of Penzance is coming to the English National Opera in May. Shiver me timbers!

We’ve got so many different pirate costumes in store – for kids, men and women - we've struggled to shortlist a few to showcase for you here, so let us introduce you to some of our most original options. First up has to be the poly-foam parrot costume. We bet nobody else will think of this one! This one-size-fits-all costume includes a colourful torso section with tail, wings and a headpiece with a beak. Its claw-like shoe covers are made of a glossy black fabric, so pair with a pair of black tights or leggings for maximum effect. Caw!

Or why not mix things up a bit and come as a zombie pirate with the incredible beating Heart Pirate Costume? A six-piece costume complete with the perfect party piece – a virtual chest wound that you can hide and then reveal from behind your tattered pirate waistcoat. Download the free Morphsuits app (details included with purchase) and pop your iPhone into the iWound pouch that comes with the costume. Then all that’s left is to devise the sordid tale of how you came to acquire a cannon ball shaped wound in your chest. The app features animations such as a beating heart, maggots, snakes, turning gears and tarantulas. Definitely one to dust off again for Halloween!

Our favourite costume for the girls has to be the Castaway Pirette outfit – our pick of a whole host of rumbustious ensembles for the racy ship wench. A corset-fastened dress, with ruffles to the skirt, feathered buccaneer hat and flared, lacy sleevettes – the costume can be accessorised with you choice of tights and boots. Shoulder parrot, eye patch and cutlass accessories are all optional extras. We also stock a Hook Sleeve accessory, Bandana Wig and Antique Gun as well as a selection of alternative pirate hats for those building their own pirate costume. Take a look!

Kids can also take their pick from a bountiful treasure trove full of pirate costumes, including a charming little Jack Sparrow outfit – an officially licensed Pirates of the Caribbean costume. All you need to add is the face-paint moustache! For little girls we just love the Little Lass costume, a red and white striped dress with belt detailing and a pirate’s hat.

So do you fancy yourself as more of a drunken Jack Sparrow, a sassy Elizabeth Swann or an evil Captain Hook? However you decide to interpret the pirate fancy dress theme, we want to see your pics! Share your pirate fancy dress selfies and snaps with us on Facebook and Twitter – we just love to see you all having fun in your Crazy Wizard costumes. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CrazyWizardFancyDress when you share.

Matt Bowler

By Matt Bowler

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